Soluciones de ahorro-recibo luzThis episode started last winter, concretely at the end of the 2013, when the energy bidding suffered a considerable increase, approximately 30%. For this reason, the minister of industry, energy and tourism took part on the problem, declaring a new law to calculate the energy consumption which directly affected people that had a regulated tariff, known before as “Tarifa de último recurso”, and that nowadays is called “Precio Voluntario al Pequeño Consumidor” (PVPC), which most consumers have. The consequences of these actions induced the consumers to pay their energy bills with a provisional price, which were fixed from the energy prices of the last year’s term.

Early April, the energy prices of this first year’s term were known, making it possible to check whether the prices people have paid in their bills actually corresponds to the value people should have paid. It has been proved that the energy bills cost, was considerably higher, so the energy companies will have to return the excess the consumers have paid. Unfortunately, this money won’t return until July.

More news about this topic are going to be uploaded soon.