By reference to Article XXI of the week of internationalization, a brief explanation of the major current proposals is done to promote the use of alternative vehicles.




From the German plan where the goal is to get the circulation of one million electric vehicles by 2020, the SLAM project is exposed to these vehicles. This project involves the creation of zones of high-speed chargers cities. Within this idea are BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volskswagen and develop more infrastructure network for electric vehicles by CCS.

The CCS is a combined charging system, the main feature is that it has only a single connection that allows rapid loading of the vehicle, thereby facilitating the design of electric vehicles and beginning a new distribution network.

Another of the topics discussed was the H2020 concerning optimization of electric vehicles, which aims to improve the battery and consumption of these vehicles, to encourage their use as alternatives to current internal combustion engines.


Turning now to Catalunya, the Catalan Institute ACCIÓ and energy together to develop a set of measures to successfully implement these vehicles, with the aim of enhancing the benefits that entails. Some of the actions to be carried out are to promote pilot projects and R & D relating to such vehicles, perform actions of public broadcasting, among other technologies.

In short, all the institutions are making efforts to promote the use of alternative vehicles, making it possible in the near future all of us can enjoy all the advantages they offer us.