Currently the petroleum becomes an important factor in the quotidian life of the society, who needs to displace constantly from one place to another using the shortest time possible. The main inconvenient is the shortage of this fossil resource, and the pollution that it produces to the environment.  On the other hand, the disproportionate demand makes unfeasible their utilization in the future. This factor opens some doors about new researches of sustainability alternatives to fuel, and the best idea to cover the needs of the population are the electric vehicles, because they are efficient, noiseless and the most important characteristic, sustainable.


The main objective of the large and small companies is publicizing the advantages of this kind of vehicles to the society, while they investigate and work to get vehicles more efficient, to finally originate sustainability mobility.

Another important aspect of sustainability is the adaptation of the big cities at the new tendencies, making them more intelligent and sustainable, and in consequence, increasing the people life quality. But all this considerations are insignificant if the real protagonist of the displacement, the public transport, don’t adapt to the new proposals and tendencies of one world more sustainable.

The main problem consists in the low commercialization of this kind of vehicles and it’s due the low autonomy of their electric batteries, the higher price of them and also the lack of places to recharge it. Even so, the improvement of these vehicles advances every day in order to make them competitive in the automotive sector and be an important part of it.

Therefore, we can agree that in no time the electric vehicles will fill the streets of our cities and so we will start walking towards a sustainable world which will be better to us all.


Adrià Casas.