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As an optimist, I like to think that the best works are yet to come.  


Studies and projects towards electric mobility

What kind of infrastructure do I require?

Is there enough energy at my premises?

Is it worth to make a fotovoltaic installation to gain electricity?

How much does the installation cost? Are there financial aids?

  • Technical reports to apply for grants
  • Executive projects
  • Energy studies

Strategic plans for electric mobility

How fast is the electric mobility market evolving?

What can I do to boost electric mobility in my town or territory?

What kind of infrastructure do I require?

What impact will there be on CO2 and NOX reduction?

Fleet decarbonisation

Do you know what kind of electric vehicle adapts best to your fleet?

Do you know  which grants you can apply for to renovate your fleet?

When will a carbonised fleet start to have negative effects?

Business models consulting

Can/should city councils charge for electricity consumption of charging points?

Is it worth to invest in fast and ultrafast charging points for service stations?

Do you know if fotovoltaic energy can be included in your current infrastructure?

Are you acknowledged of all the regulation to manage charging points in communal parking lots?

Latest agreements and projects by Etecnic

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