Activacar is an electric car-sharing start-up from Malaga and was born in November 2020 to offer a comprehensive electric mobility service to companies. It covers a growing need for hotels, organisations, and residential complexes.

Their innovative vision has won them the grant EMPRENTUR of the Andalusian Regional Government’s Department of Tourism. In addition, this year they were chosen as the best Sustainable Solution at the H&T Awards of the Salón de la Innovación en la Hostelería.

It is one of the most promising start-ups in Andalusia.

It is mainly responsible for the installation and management of charging points on the Costa del Sol, as well as offering a mobility service for companies. They have a fleet of 100% electric vehicles with models such as the Skoda CITIGOe iV or the BMW i3, working together with the Grupo Safamotor. In the field of charging points, they have more than 25 open proposals between private companies and the public administration.


Activacar has two sides; the charging side and the electric car-sharing side.

Electric charging. For this purpose, it has an application for end users (electric carsharing users or electric car owners) that allows them to locate the charging points, navigate to them, manage the charges, etc. As well as a platform for the owners of the points (companies, hotels, public administration, residential complexes) to manage them easily. Enabling: energy efficiency, tariff management, user management, payment control, among other functions. This solution has been developed by Etecnic Energy & Mobility.

In the field of electric car sharing. They have their own application which enables the managers of the points (companies, hotels, public administration, residential complexes) to offer the rental service by the hour. In this application, electric vehicles can be reserved, payments can be made, incidents can be sent, and much more. All of this will allow companies to outsource electric mobility services and make the processes simpler.

As we have mentioned, the solution offered by Activacar allows this comprehensive electric mobility service, facilitating the management of both companies and users.


Is electric car-sharing a reality?

To reflect the need to increase the number of charging points we can mention the plan worked on in the Tourism Hub acceleration programme promoted by the Malaga Provincial Council through Tourism and Planning Costa del Sol, which highlights the need to implement a charging network with hundreds of points in different strategic locations of tourist interest and a clear commitment by the different entities and institutions to achieve any shortening of implementation deadlines.

On the other hand, Activacar is designing an agreement with the company Deporte & Business, the managers of the Solheim Cup 2023, through which they have agreements with 89 hotels in the area.

All of this contributes to making the Costa del Sol more sustainable for two reasons. The first reason is that it is 100% aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law. The second reason is because of the need to provide solutions for electric vehicle drivers and, for example, for a hotel the user experience is fundamental.

Everything seems to indicate that electric car-sharing is starting to gain momentum and that it will soon become a trend on the Costa del Sol. In the same way that the electric vehicle is a reality in our country.

According to data from AEDIVE, the electric mobility market accumulated an increase of 42% in the first half of 2021, compared to 2019. Therefore, it is vital to have a minimum and sufficient charging network to encourage the increase of electric vehicles.


Etecnic helps you make the leap into electric mobility

Etecnic Energy & Mobility was founded in 2010 in Reus with the aim of making electric and sustainable mobility easier for users and managers. Over the years and with know-how it has established itself as a leader in charging infrastructure for public administration in Catalonia. It has also developed a charging point management software, EVcharge, which it has managed to internationalise.

The charging point management software allows the management and optimisation of recharging points. The platform is applicable both to the recharging structure and to the associated fleet of vehicles that a company, public administration, etc. may have.

Through the platform (or backend solution) it is possible to control and manage: the status of the chargers, usage statistics, user, and reservation management (users, vehicles and cards), charging point billing management. However, a mobile application has also been added to facilitate charging for electric vehicle users. It allows charging the vehicle, locating the points on the map, and navigating to them, paying for recharges, among many other functionalities.

It is software that has been developed to be 100% scalable and this has allowed Activacar to adapt the technological solution. In this way, the start-up can promote new strategies without the need to develop its own software, which could take too much time and cost.

This know-how means that today we can advise and help the new business models that are coming into the world of electric mobility. With this collaboration agreement, a process of continuous improvement is achieved.


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