In the Catalan cities, nowadays is it able to observe the amount of motorbikes that share the streets with the cars. A sustainable initiative from some Catalan business consists in make available to the citizens the rental of electric motorbikes in order to contribute to the decreasing of contamination in the cities.


One of these pioneer businesses is ECooltra, which rents electric motorbikes in the city of Barcelona. This service allows the user to reserve the motorbike though their smartphone, computer or tablet, choosing where to take it and for how long. The citizen can enjoy a sustainable motorbike with 60km of autonomy that will give them the chance to reach any part of the city with the integrated GPS of the vehicle.

This business is expanding due their pioneer idea, which is greatly accepted for the society so it has launched a campaign in order to export this idea to other countries.

Another sustainable vehicle is the bicycle, and if we make it and electric bike, it’s benefits increase. This approach is presented by Ecobike, which makes electric bikes for their exportation to countries such as Germany, Austria, England or others.

Catalonia It’s in the leading positions worldwide in the manufacture of  electric and hybrid vehicles, but nowadays the society is still skeptic with that kind of vehicles which has to change in the years to come to walk towards a more sustainable world.