Instalación y Obra Civil

Equipos multidisciplinares. formados por ETECNIC, de ámbito local y con experiencia en la instalación de puntos de recarga

  • Project management

  • Electric conduits

  • Installation of electrical control panels

  • Installation of analysis and control systems of the contracted power

  • Transportation, installation and activation of the contracted chargers

  • The chargers are connected to the control room in Etecnic

  • Painting and signage of the charging station

How important is it to execute a work properly?

Who is the main responsible when more than one enterprise is involved in the installation process?

Answer the following questions

  • Is the electric power of the installation accurate?

  • Does the installation have the necessary security and protection systems?

  • Is your charging station properly marked?

  • Does your station have connection to control it remotely?