Charging points

Why do charger suppliers choose us to try out their machines?

  • We are partners of the best national suppliers

  • Our chargers are linked to our management and localisation software

  • Our chargers are linked to our control room

  • We have installed more than 300 chargers.

  • Within our team you will find a specialised engineer for each charger model

How important is it to choose the right charger?

What do I want to offer to an electric vehicle?

Answer the following questions

  • Do you know what charging modes are?

  • Do you know the difference between semi-fast, fast and ultra-fast charging?

  • What kind of connectors do chargers have and what connectors do vehicles admit?

  • Do you know what an OCCP protocol is?

  • Do you know what kind of guarantee and care are required for a charging point?